Support Head Start Funding in Fiscal Year 2017!

Ask Congress to Support Head Start Funding in Fiscal Year 2017! It's easy and simple! Stand up for the children and families of Head Start and Early Head Start by asking Congress to support robust funding for Head Start in Fiscal Year 2017.

Ask Congress to Support Head Start Funding in Fiscal Year 2017!

Join us in reminding Congress that our nation’s vulnerable children and families need their support to ensure they have an opportunity to succeed.

Last year Head Start received a significant funding increase to support our workforce, extend the duration of services for children and families across the nation, and expand access to high-quality infant-toddler services through Early Head Start.

This year the new Performance Standards include a number of changes to the operation of Head Start programs. Many of these changes are positive but they do come with a cost. In addition to strengthening our workforce, we need to ensure that Congress continues to prioritize Head Start funding in Fiscal Year 2017 so that we are able to continue improving quality without cutting access to Head Start and Early Head Start.


Please take ONE MINUTE today to send a simple message to your Members of Congress asking them to stand up for children and families by supporting Head Start funding this fiscal year. It’s quick and easy - fill in the information below and you will send a customized letter.

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