Help Ensure Sequestration Does Not Happen!

Tell your Member of Congress to please work to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction that does not include disproportionate cuts to NDD programs

The debate in Washington over the economy and the national debt has become intense. Major decisions about taxes and spending, as well as sequestration, will be decided after the election this fall, and your voice is an important ingredient in ensuring that Head Start and Early Head Start remain a priority for Congress.

Cuts resulting from sequestration are scheduled to occur evenly across defense and non-defense (Head Start, K-12 education, transportation, public health, energy, etc) programs. The Defense industry has used its significant power to try and convince Congress to protect defense spending from the cuts. If they are successful, all $1.2 trillion in cuts would be borne by non-defense spending. This would mean that the Head Start/Early Head Start cuts would be absolutely catastrophic—over 200,000 children lost from the program. 

We hope you will help us reinforce the message that financing deficit reduction by cutting programs for the most vulnerable families will put our country on an unsustainable and downward path. 

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Feb 10th, 2013
William P. from Washington, DC signed.
Feb 9th, 2013
Someone from Waycross, GA writes:
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Please don't cut funds helping children get some of the essentials of life that they may not get otherwise - a sense of self, early literacy skills, freedom to express themselves creatively, healthy self-esteem, healthy food, and most of all, love. Keep Head Start alive.
Feb 8th, 2013
Jeri B. from Seattle, WA signed.
Feb 8th, 2013
Someone from Mannsville, OK signed.
Feb 5th, 2013
Brianne K. from Napoleon, OH writes:
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Please invest in our 3-5 year old low income families future. Don't leave them out in the cold with education.
Feb 5th, 2013
Someone from Saint Paul, MN signed.
Feb 3rd, 2013
IRMA N. from Cicero, IL signed.
Feb 1st, 2013
Carissa K. from Taylor, MI writes:
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Early Years are Learning Years, and sometimes the most important. Taking away from programs providing quality Early Childhood Education is like setting up the future failure of Michigan.
Jan 31st, 2013
Carmen R. from Renton, WA signed.
Jan 30th, 2013
Someone from Moorhead, IA signed.